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Science is our life

Our University ranks among the most successful in science and technology in the Czech Republic. We are especially happy that the results of our work find successful application in practice


1) Branch research brings new professional knowledge in certain scientific branches and ensures its rapid transfer into the educating of future teachers and thus into the education system in the near future. Research in this category, supported to some extent by external grants, has in the long term been yielding internationally acknowledged results in geology, geomorphology, palaeontology, mycology, Czech historiography, oral history, Austrian literature and anthropomotorics. 

2) Branch-didactic research stems from the concept of cross-disciplinary didactics, supported by a content-focused approach to the analysis and improvement of teaching. One example is the identification and solution of so-called crucial areas in the teaching curriculum at primary and secondary schools, where so-called action research is carried out with the direct cooperation of teachers in the field.  

3) Pedagogical-psychological research focuses, for example on children with epilepsy or individuals with learning difficulties which a directly related to the concept of inclusive education in the Czech Republic. 

Every workplace the faculty is involved significantly in at least one of the above-mentioned areas; in branch-didactic and pedagogical-psychological research emphasis is placed on cooperation across the faculty. At the same time the faculty is also heavily involved in promoting cultural events as described in more detail here, and, of course, faculty staff are also involved in the compilation of textbooks for different levels of schools.