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OuR faculty

As one of the university’s founding faculties, the Faculty of Education of the University of West Bohemia has a long and rich history. We respect the faculty’s past; however, we are aware that the most important thing is the future and therefore we endeavour constantly to be moving ahead. Our concept of teaching is that the knowledge and skills acquired should form the basis of further awareness and development. Based on our belief that theory and practice go hand in hand, we work in close cooperation with associated faculty schools. 

Since we welcome diversity and individuality, we provide not only a wide choice of study programmes, but also a range of supplementary subjects based on what you find interesting and enjoy doing. We also offer a unique opportunity for studying abroad. Nor is academic life everything; on the contrary, Pilsen is a busy and lively city so that whether you are looking for culture, entertainment or sport, you will certainly find something to suit you. 



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