Lukáš Hruda (Faculty of Applied Sciences) won  second place in the IT Spy competition

Lukáš Hruda, who graduated from the Computer Graphics programme at  the Faculty of Applied Sciences,  University of West Bohemia, came  second in the IT Spy competition in December 2018 over  1607 participants – Czech and Slovak university students whose theses focused on topics from information science. 

The topic of the successful thesis was “Symmetry Detection in Geometric Models“. The method presented in this  thesis can be applied to  archaeology, anthropology, and other disciplines. The doctoral student wants to continue researching this topic in the future.

The Western Stars team finished second at the 4th World InterUniversities Championships in Barcelona

Representatives of the Western Stars team,  University of West Bohemia, participated in the 4th World InterUniversities Championships in Barcelona 14-18 November 2018. The Plzeň athletes earned medals in all disciplines in which they participated, including gold medals in futsal, swimming, and tennis. The UWB team finished second from eighty participating universities.

Adam Frk and Michaela Šimůnková (Faculty of Design and Art) – winners of the footwear show in Milan

Students from the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, Michaela Šimůnková and Adam Frk won the Shake the future of the footwear sector! European competition, the final round of which took place 25 June 2018 in Milan, Italy. In a competition of teams from Portugal, Spain, and Italy, they succeeded with shoes seemingly floating on a bulky three-piece sole. Their concept puts emphasis on ecology and involves the customer in the creative process. The students worked under the leadership of Helena Krbcová, Head of the Fashion Design Studio at the Faculty. These shoes, which  amazed the jury, were designed and manufactured within the 3 FLT Project, in which the number 3 represents the three pillars on which the design is based: sustainability, design, and social media.  The FLT acronym stands for float. These  students were the only finalists from the Czech Republic.

Student cooperation lead to the creation of replicas of St. John of Nepomuk´s remains

On the initiative of Kateřina Dobrovolná, a doctoral student at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Jan Slobodnik, a doctoral student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, created a replica of the skull, shoulder blades, and brain tissue of St. John of Nepomuk. The 3D print method was used to create replicas of the remains of the Czech saint. Visitors to  St. John's Museum in Nepomuk, where Kateřina Dobrovolná is the director, have, since April 2017, had the opportunity to admire these replicas. The second set was created for the Church of St. John of Nepomuk in Čeladná in the Moravian-Silesian Region in the spring of 2018.

Ester Kuchyňková (Faculty of Design and Art) produced illustrations for the famous book by Jaroslav Foglar

Czech publishing house Albatros published a new edition of the legendary book by Jaroslav Foglar Hoši od Bobří řeky (Boys from the Beaver River) in September 2018, with illustrations by Ester Kuchyňková, student of the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art. Although she is very modest  about being the first woman to illustrate one of Foglar’s books, this has been the most prestigious job so far for this twenty-five-year-old student.